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This bass is amazing!!! Its price is the best bit but apart from that it is a good, well built bass. The finish is really good. I got the red. There are some reviews I have read that say it is not very good and will fall apart but unless I've just got an unusually good one these reviews shouldn't be listned to.

On the brige one of the screws is loose and it is really annoying hovever all you have to do is tighten it by crosshead screwdriver to fix it. Also the bottom few frets have started to sound like two strings so that is a big problem and I am not sure how to sort it.

it's really good. Solid and it chips but that is more my fault than the bass'

Overall I think this bass is amazing. If you want a bass and have this sort of budget don't buy any other bass, get this one!

Mr Banchory Bassman update rated this unit 4 on 2004-05-04.

I bought my bass at Guitar Center with a credit card for $299.99 ($325 after tax). I had wanted to play the guitar or the bass, but my sister convinced me to play bass because she didn't want me to beat her at playing the guitar. I guess that's flattering. Got it in October 2001.

The Squier P is easy to play and understand, and looks real classy and vintage. Just as good as a Fender P only a lot less. Real easy to upgrade to. Mine's all wigged out with DiMarzio pickups, Ernie Ball strings, and a checkeded pickguard. There was a video included, but haven't watched it yet (9 months after the fact) because Jazz Bassist friend taught me well. The amp is good (for a 45 watter) and the gig bag and cord were nice too.

When I bought my bass, the capacitor was loose. But when I installed my pickups, I noticed it and fixed, and the funny rattling noise my bass made was gone. And that's about all I didn't like.

Seemingly high quality (for Indonesian construction) and with the same materials that a Fender P has I can't really tell the difference. In fact, after my upgrades, my bass is better than a Fender, for over $100 less too. Interesting, isn't it?

Great deal if bought at that price. And with a few cheap upgrades, its a great bass. Fun to play, great to admire. Have fun with this bass if you get one!

Mr. Elaskimo the Second rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-28.

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