Squier Squier Tom Delonge Strat Reviews 5

$179.99 Local Store

SWEEEEET!! I went to a local store and took the Fender and the Squier versions and played them through the same amp with the same settings. The fender had a higher output. I thought for a second and remembered that the duncan design is the same as the actual seymor duncan. The reason for the fender having the higher output was that it came with .10 gauge strings instead of the .9's that came on the squier.

Nothing. I laugh at all of the people that bought the fender version cause it is exactly the same in every respect, except the neck radius and pickguard. It even stays in tune better than the fender.

I am amazed that it is so cheap. It plays just as well as the fender.

A definate buy. No question. You would be insane to buy the fender instead of the squier. It should get a 10/5 because you get so much bang for your buck.

Ahmad Al-Gibaly rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-31.

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