Squier Standard Prescision Bass Reviews 5

Purchased at Danny D's Music in Webster Texas for $239.00

Solidly built, sounds as good or better than the Fender American version of this bass. I love the usage of both the P and J pickups, as well as the Jazz neck that is slimmer. I have big hands with relatively short fingers, the Jazz neck makes playing this thing a snap. It seems to feature the same hardware as the Fender, tone and volume controls are fairly sensitive, and have good feeling metal knobs. String action is good, and the tuners are super easy to use. And to top it off the Candy Apple Red finish with white pickguard is absolutely gorgeous.

Where it was made. Mine is Indonesian. I would prefer an instrument built in a nation friendlier to the United States of America. Aside from that, there is nothing I can dislike about this bass.

Small foible. I swapped the original strap lugs for some quick release models, and the new lugs retaining screw stripped out within a day. After inspection I found the screw was smaller than the original. Not the fault of the bass though. A little Elmer's wood putty in the hole and run the screw back in and it is as good as new. A few drops on the garage floor, and a bang or two against my toolbox and the finish is still perfect. This thing is built like a tank!

This is a well made bass, and perfect for a beginner like me. The price is right, and it sounds as good as the much higher priced American Fender versions. The old axiom of Squier being a Fender in disguise sure is true!.

Super Dave 3006 rated this unit 5 on 2003-04-23.

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