Squier Vinatge Modified Jaguar Bass Reviews 4

Released in September 2010, the Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass is available only in black with matching headstock, rosewood neck with block pearloid position markers and a brown tort pickguard. Four-string model only. One Duncan designed P pickup with AlNiCo magnets; one Duncan Designed J pickup with ceramic magnets. Concentric Vol and Tone controls for each pickup.

$299.95 from Musiciansfriend.com. Liked the body style and P/J pickup setup.


The Jaguar body style is a classic and not one you see in a bass every day. The Jazz bass-style neck is slim, fast and smooth, and the P/J pickup configuration offers the ability to get sounds from Jamerson to Jaco.

One minor quibble on quality control. The concentric Tone ring on the P pickup was not installed correctly, causing the ring to rotate without stopping as it should. Loosening, pushing down and tightening the knob corrected the problem, which should have been caught at the factory.

Fit and finish was first calls. No sharp or high frets, no neck pocket gap, no finish flaws. Action on G string had to be raised to avoid a buzz on second fret.

The Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass is a winner. Fit and finish belie the bass's $300 street price, and the combination of Precision and Jazz pickups on one instrument give you the ability to roll out two of the most identifiable bass sounds in the world in a single bass. The Jag's look is a winner as well, with its matching headstock and 1960's body offset by a vintage tort pickguard and a rosewood fingerboard with cool block pearloid fret markers. If you're on a budget or simply looking to add a versatile bass to your bag without dropping a wad, the Squier VM Jag is money well spent.

Laklander rated this unit 4 on 2010-09-17.

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