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I have played bass since @ 1976, and have played country, blues, rock, metal and every thing in between. I am a gigging musician in the St Louis, MO area.

I was not aware of this new release from Squier. I had been trying to find the cash for the Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass and just happened to see one of these with a "sold" tag on it at Guitar Center. The Maple neck caught my eye and the buyer let me try it out before he cashed out. It has the same tone and playability as the Geddy Lee (the Squier had been set up by the salesman/ tech). I couldn't believe it. It is much brighter than my Fender Jazz (MIM) with a rosewood neck and Seymour Duncan quarter pounder pick ups. I went home and researched it on Squier's webpage and decided to buy it. I went into Guitar Center on a Tuesday night and the salesman located one in Chicago that was ground shipped to St Louis and in my hands Friday. I paid $291.00 with tax.

I have always wanted a maple fret board. It is a much brighter sound. I love the tone of this bass. It has all that jazz bass ping and growl. It really cuts through the mix. I also like the look of it as well.

It is only available in natural finish. I would prefer tabacco sunburst. The out-of- box guitar will require a complete set up to make it playable. Okay, it has a few fret rattles and buzzes here and there but I will work out the set up evenually

It has bolt on maple neck, maple fret board with black block inlays and natural finish maple body with black pick guard and chrome control panel. Mine is very clean and free of dings or defects. The wood grain is very nice and free of knots. The neck fits snuggly into the body with no gaps. The only knock I could give it is in that the pick guard screws appear to have been run in rather haphazardly (out of plumb). I did not inspect the control compartment so I cannot comment on the wiring job.

If you can get past the Squier decal on this bass, you should be extremely impressed. I have owned a Squier P-Bass for 22 years so it is no problem for me. If you are playing gigs is bars and clubs, here's a great sounding bass that you can replace for under $300. Leave your vintage stuff at home.

StuOnBass rated this unit 4 on 2006-10-17.

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