Squier Telecaster Custom 2 Reviews 5

I started playing Guitar at 15 (I'm now 33) and have been in bands for about 9 years of that. I've done a few minor mods to some of them and have done an ok job on a kit guitar. I think I'm in a band at the moment (but the song writers a bit bored with it all) which is a kind of pop/indie band. My favourite guitarists are PJ Harvey, Graham Coxon and Neil Young.

I'd prefer master volume and tone..........it's a little noisey.....but it's got P90's so go figure........

For the price, this is a steal. Excellent first guitar as the P90 pickups are flexible (you never know what you're going to end up playing) and a great gigging guitar. I've seen 4 being played in bands recently not including mine. One of the volume controls is a bit crackly, I could've gone back to reidy's but to be honest I never use it so why bother (I know how to change a volume pot should I want to...).

Bonerz rated this unit 5 on 2008-01-03.

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