Steinberger XZ2-DB 4 String Bass with db tuner Reviews 5

i paid 359 us dollars for it, i bought it at and i purchased it to have an almost professional bass, with steinberger features and db tuner(to drop the e string to d or b)

great!! even when you always read aroud about the graphite necks, i found this maple, rosewood very stable and gives a great tone. the electronics are cool. and not to mention all the steinberger high line stuff(bridge, db tuner, headless, etc) great look and very fine manufacturer

the best bass i havd played. above yamaha, fender, and others. obviously it is a bass from the middle range price, but it can beat some of the hard to pay basses around. i keep this one as my primary bass.

Cesar Agudelo(URIM) rated this unit 5 on 2002-03-04.

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