Stellah SRB-4 Reviews 4

This bass is very well finished in a natural varnish. It is a 4 string bass from Stellah. I have played in a few bands over the years, being playing bass for nearly 20 years. Bought this as a backup bass for live gigs, and find I actually use it regularly despite the low price.

It's well finished, Has nice Chrome hardware which is very strong and works perfectly. Good machine heads also and very nicely balanced pickups, that give the sound plenty of oomph!

There was a slight crackling noise when tone or volume knobs were turned, but it just turned out to be a bit of dust, which was easily removed.

The body is elm, with a maple neck, It is weighted nicely, and feels good with a strap on. Very comfortable to play and well setup.

Mark Byrne rated this unit 4 on 2011-02-04.

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