Stellar Electric Green Reviews 5

My mom bought this guitar on ebay for about 150. It was a first guitar, and i love it. The person who gives me lessons likes it better than his gibson because of the thin neck(I have small fingers so I need it)

It has such a great heavy metal sound, but it can play it all. Put it on distortion tuned to drop D, and you can play any song identical to what it is supposed to sound like. It has a thin neck, and i need that. The finish is so pretty. Any pictures you will ever see of it dont do it justice. IT ROCKS!!!!

There is only one thing that i dont like, its volume knob is right at my third pickup, so i hit it very rairly.

Oh, my gosh, where do i start?? It is put together awsome, everything is smooth, and flush. Solid maple neck, someone put some time into making this guitar!!!

This guitar will last the rest of my life if i take care of it and dont start banging it on the wall or something. i love it and i highly recomend it to anyone out there.

Michael Gams rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-10.

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