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I bought this a long time ago. this was my first one. its been through a lot! it was even drenched in a rainy show i once had. i bought this for Rs. 5000, that is about $115. i even bought two Marshalls and a Fender amp but this is still pretty good and sounds just as new.

this has two channels(one effect and one normal). its got two 40 watt speakers but sounds like a killing 120 Watts! the volume meter is from 1 to 10 but it's loud enough on 4. even on some gigs i've put it to 7 and it sounded lound and clear. it has a hard body, you put it in any direction you want.

Nothing except that its a little heavy. but i guess all Amps r heavy!

its black in color with a very hard body, it's got a small compartment sort of thing to keep little stuff in. it has 9 knobs +1 on/off switch. two channels- one effect, one normal.the sound dosen't get cut when both are used. it's got three inputs, one for each channel and one volume pedal. its got one output. a bright LED on/off display. it has a solid handle on top. Sorry, no built-in distortion! its got small bumpers on it's corners.

its great for professionl, beginner, practice and stage use. it can be easily carried. its super for the price. it's just like a Marshall, but better price-wise. it's great for grafitti! and when you blaken 'r' from Stranger, it looks like St. anger. its damn cool!

Uday Yadav rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-29.

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