Suzuki SD-335-BLK Reviews 5

I was visiting relatives in Taiwan when I found this guitar in the basment of my uncles place. I have never seen a Suzuki guitar before and this one is a gem... Not sure when it was made but i'm sure it's pre-60's. The white edges have turned yellow...

After sinking about $150 into adjusting many parts of the guitar (raised bridge, replaced saddle, replaced turn nobs, neck adjustment, first two frets repleced), it plays like a dream. The tone is sooooooo warm...I've played with very expensive acoustics, and I can truely say that I would not trade this with anything in the world.

Well, I would wish that I can find the same model that was made in the sae I'd have a anything ever happens to this...I would cry for days.

Assuming that this guitar is very old, time and humidity have somewhat warped parts of it. But after many adjustments, the quality is just superb.

Anyone that's reading this...if you've seen this guitar before or know someone that has it, please contact me. This is my baby, and I wish to talk to someone who also owns this piece of gem. rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-08.

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