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My curiosity & dire need of harmonies were contributing factors that led me to the doors of Guitar Center to sample 'Voiceworks'; a harmonizer/corrector/pitch apparatus which, besides the affordability, had consumer reviews good enough to motivate me to investigate the matter. I believe I paid about $700 for the unit.

I like the fact that you can sing by yourself & have as many as 3 other harmonies singing right along with you. It freaks you out a bit at first, but it's a GOOD freak. The other thing is that if no one could see you, they'd swear you had 2 or 3 other singers with you because the voices do not sound fabricated whatsoever! The first thing I did with the unit was to hook it up to a small practice amp. My mom happened to call & reminded me in passing that it was my sister's birthday, & it was then I decided to put the unit to the test by calling my sister who just so happens to have a great ear for harmonies. Nobody knew I had the unit as I had just bought it the night before. I selected a key, practiced once or twice, then tried to calm my nerves & exitement as I called her. She was home. I just started singing,"Happy Birthday" in full blown 4 part harmony!! When I completed the song, I shouted, "Happy Birthday, Sis!!" I had a few friends come over & sing that JUST for YOU!" She was BLOWN AWAY!! She went on about how great & tight the harmonies were! I let this go on for a bit, then I broke the news to her & she didn't believe me, I had to prove it to her by singing & stopping & talking through it & stopping. It was the BEST impromptu gag I ever pulled on my sister & we'll never forget it!

The capabilities of the unit are without question; however the instructional manual is difficult to follow. It is not easy to understand, & evidently was never 'proof read' with an operating unit because some of the steps don't work even though you've followed the instructions to the letter. I was forced to place a long distance call in order to get the unit to do what I would consider basic operations. I've been a musician/singer for about ten years & am familiar with manuals, however, this one was a 'humdinger!'

The unit is built well & once you know what you're doing, this unit is as good for home recording as it is for 'live' purposes, as you can switch into different keys as you play/sing a song. There are 50 patches you can program, so there can be as many as 50 songs you can do with 2,3, or 4 part harmonies, as long as you have a foot to activate the footswitch each time you need to change the key signature.

I am pleased that a unit of this merit is on the market at a price which is comparable to the abilities of this 'vocal companion.' Just think, all the harmonies you need & no other egos to deal with except your own! Practice when & where you want, & sound like a well rehearsed vocal group all by your lonesome. Sweeeeet!~

Rachel Lajoie rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-20.

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