Takamine JS441 Reviews 5

I bought this guitar at Univibe in Berkeley California for $139 plus tax. My choice was based on it being affordable and high in quality.

I like the tone of this guitar. It is my first classical guitar, and for the money I don't think I could have made a better choice. The finish is nice and it seems to have great intonation--rare I think for an instument at this price.

It comes with a Takamine soft case--the zipper is poor. I may need to buy a better case for this new "beater".

Seems very well made. I am a beginning guitarist so I will save this answer for the pros.

Univibe is a great store. The sales guy really "broke it down" in terms of guitar quality and pricing in recent years. I stand by this purchase whole-heartedly. Now I need to learn "not to suck". Pinky finger: wake up will you!?

Damien rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-24.

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