Takamine TC30C Reviews 4

My husband traded another guitar for this one and I'm not really sure who the dealer was. But I've had this guitar for almost 4 years now.

The tone is great- but I'm a nylon snob. I appreciate my steel string Alvarez, but the velvety tone of the TC30C Jasmine is far superior in my opinion. And from what I have researched, is a much better sounding guitar for a cheaper price. It has a narrower body than a regular dreadnought with a cutaway, so it's comfortable for a smaller person to play. Yet the wider neck allows my stubby fingers to play accurately without much of a struggle. I have had compliments from other musicians, and even had people ask if it was a twelve string, as it has such a nice tone- which is 'amplified' ha ha.. when plugged in!

The action is a little high, so fretting on the first few frets for extended periods of time can be extremely hard.( I play in a saloon six hours a day ) but I gladly sacrifice the ease of play of those frets for the quality tone. The battery- it's very easy to change out.....too easy, sometimes while performing, I don't realize I have popped the latch and all of a sudden'hey-where's my amp??' and then I look down and there it is, popped out and not fully functional until I snap it back in.'

Natural finish, glossy, with little imperfections- if any, because I really didn't see any imperfections at all when I got it. Now it has a few 'love nicks' on it, but when you play something so much, it gets them. Tuning stays in pretty well, the keys hold well. It is a cutaway, so reaching high frets is not so much an issue.

I really love my little Jasmine Takamine, and would recommend it to others. Someday I wish to have at least one more Takamine classical, maybe a Jasmine, but with lower action.

K.C. rated this unit 4 on 2005-02-21.

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