Tanglewood TW1000 CEB Reviews 5

I like a varied style of guitar based music, from rock to blues to flamenco to reggae.....although mainly rock; ranging from Pearl Jam to Pink Floyd, and Supergrass to Neil Young!I've played guitar for around 8 years, but with a very DIY and casual approach to learning. Over the years, I've gone through periods where I've gotten really into playing, then stopped for a few months, etc. I also own a Fender Stratocaster which I have had for around 5 years, barely touch it now that I have the TW1000 (but in fairness, the amp I have is RUBBISH!!)

The one thing I would have added on to this guitar is another bolt for a strap, either on the neck, or the top of the body. However, this is a minor thing (just tie it up to the head stock Bob Dylan style!) Besides, I found VERY FEW guitars with two bolts for straps.

As I said before, the TW1000 is a very smart looking guitar. Taste is ultimately a personal thing, but this is a very well designed and built guitar which oozes quality and nice design touches.

padsno rated this unit 5 on 2006-12-02.

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