Tanglewood FST 32 Outlaw Reviews 5

The strings twang acoustically when struck, this often comes through the amp and sounds bad. The tremelo arm disintegrated after a mere 3 foot fall and its an electrical nightmare. The pick-up, pickup selector and most recently volume control have all gone wrong at some point giving some probs. Most were sorted with some wirewool. Others I just put up with. I also wish it had 22 frets as I can't play some radiohead stuff

As far as guitars go, I can honestly say this wasn't built to survive me. After 3 years in someones loft, I was surprised to find it unscrated, shiny and immaculate. A year and a bit later it has some very large dents and several electric faults. Ignoring those though, it still shines where it should, and keeps tune very well. Doesn't fit strap locks so I had to use rubber seals from Grolsch 65cl beer bottles, which are an ace alternative. Like I said before it is made of balsawood and comes in a nice cream with bolt on rosewood neck which hasn't come off.......yet! On the positive, I've given it a lot of shit inc. dropping it at least 20 times and its still here to tell the tale

Overall, its a steaming pile of derby county, but its my guitar and I love it. It is stupidly easy to play, holds tune and I've written some ace songs on it. Also very resistant to getting thrown around. It'll be famous and worth a million some day!

Da Blue Spiky One (Russ) rated this unit 5 on 2001-08-29.

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