Taye Spotlight Reviews 5

I bought this set at Steve's Music in Montreal for a very decent price - 400$. That included hardware. It's a budget drumset made of mahogany, birch and basswood.

They sound absolutely wonderful for the price. The drumset totally blows the competition. It sounds warm, round and deep with good resonance for such a light drumset. The harware is allright and a lot of tought was put into it. Rockstars, Exports and even Stage customs aren't this good.

The hardware is decent, but the pedal isn't very good. I also have to complain about the snare drum which sounds like grabage can, although it is made out of wood!!! I just can't get a decent sound out of it.

Construction is fabulous in this price range; bearing edges are nice and the lugs are of high quality.

This is a great drumset for the beginner or even the pro who doesn't want to carry his big heavy kit everywhere. Ray Ayotte has a great line of drums with Taye and the Spotlight has to be the greatest value in drumming commerce today.

Ian rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-22.

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