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I was looking at some drums after 3yrs of banging the shizzle out of my CB set... it was mediocre so I needed something better. So Taye came up randomly, I looked into it. It was either that or a Sonor 3003... seeing as there were more set up choices, I took the Taye. Walking into it blindly (not ever seeing it or playing one). Paid 1400 Canadian for a 4 pc. (12x9, 16x16, 22x18, 14x6)

I was a bit skeptical with Taye hardware but its really functional and BEEFY quite like Canada's prairies. Bass pedal was real quick and smooth.. no footplate but it has a double chain drive so it doesn't look that n00b. Stock heads are pretty good considering, I got a real nice sound. Bass is like thunder, snare is crisp and toms are round and warm... i love birch-basswood shells. And the mounting systems pretty cool, if you like you can mount the tom(s) on the cymbal stand.. but the SlideTrack works equally well. Oh and the finish was so beautifully laquered on (Antique Honey)

Umm the mounting system kinda pissed me off at times but it never broke. Thats about it. Oh, and no instructions but I'm smart:)

This set is constructed so well. I was expecting less but I was in for a suprise... its 2 ply basswood (inner/outer) and 6 ply birch... but the badge says basswood.. so someone's lying. Anywho the hardware seems to withstand a lot, and the finish doesnt dent easily which is nice seeing as I'm a klutz.

These drums sound amazing, like for 1400, there's just nothing better... this set is really professional actually. Nothing penetrates the bassdrum. Lovely to look at, a joy to play. I recommend it to anyone. Check out any Taye drums, I'm guaranteed you won't be disappointed. Taye puts the "Pro" in TourPro.

Captain Howdy rated this unit 5 on 2005-05-22.

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