The Learning Dock Teach Me Bass Guitar Reviews 5

A 10-DVD set package in a hard box with PDF instruction book included. 20 video lessons for beginning to accomplished players. Included loops for practice. A printed spiral-bound instructional book can be purchased separately bu is non-returnable. 90-day no hassles return policy on the DVD set.

This was a review copy provided by Teach Me Bass Guitar can be ordered from for $187.50. The 10-DVD set contains access to the private area of and a 167-page instruction book in PDF format. Purchase includes a 90-day no-hassles guarantee. A printed copy of the book can be ordered separately for $39.95. (Book is not returnable.)

Teacher Roy Vogt does a great job of getting his concepts across, even to raw beginners. It's well paced and comprehensive. Covers everything from tuning to improvisation.

No downside that I can see.

Very nice, sturdy package. Quality HD production throughout.

Dave Molter rated this unit 5 on 2011-02-01.

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