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I placed a couple ads on the Internet for wanting a violin - shaped bass guitar(preferred Conrad from late 60's) and to my surprise a dude in Houston,Texas had a mid 70's model for sale.We e-mailed a couple times and he sold this beautiful gem to me for 175.00! He even paid the postage and insurance!Great seller! Editors Note: Additional information posted with this review included: 0115577- Conrad 4 string, violin shaped hollowbody bass guitar, 1972 thru 1978, by Kasuga Intnl

It is a gorgeous ,well made sunburst hollow body w/ two humbucker soapbar pickups and 3 position toggle switch.I like its long (45 inch) body, lightness, large chrome enclosed tuner gears, and round wound bass string sound, and it has a string damper at the bridge which is a rare find.It is in mint shape w/ all original parts.

It is the longest of all hollow body violin basses I have checked out and am having a hard time finding a hard shell case to fit it. I did get a very fine and well padded gig bag with it that is like new! It fits fine with a compartment cloth to set the scroll headstock into.The bass is 45 inches long, neck is 25 inches from strap peg to scroll top, 4 1/2 inches from back to top of bridge, and 19 inch body length, 11 1/2 inches at widest point.

The bass has a steel- reinforced and adjustable neck(states on chrome neck plate w/ serial no);chromed string base foot,damper,pegs,pickups(two),tuning pegs and keys.It has a black scroll headstock(like your classical stand up basses)and a fat C neck radius.( One needs long fingers, like me, to play.)The beautiful sunburst tobacco finish is edged with black shadow and the entire body and fingerboard has ribbing.There is a gold volume and tone control(one of each for three way pickups), the wooden finger rest sits upon a 2 -ply white plastic pickguard (the size of a Hofner bass's).There are two open F holes (like a true violin) and the soap bar pickups are set in rectangular /screw in black plastic supports.A plate on the string foot says"Conrad" and the name "Conrad" is etched in Gold between the two middle strings on the headstock face.This is a very well thought out and well made instument that also has stayed in tune.

I would like to say that this bass was a very lucky find for me.The seller gave me a more than fair price (w/ gig bag included) and this bass has the sound like a hollow body should sound.It uses those round wound strings for a low ,enveloping bass that vibrates to your very bones.It is also....simply gorgeous and durably's from the mid-seventies!

Rory Cubel rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-21.

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