Trantec S4.5G UHF Guitar System Reviews 5

The first thing that i noticed when i first switched it on was the clarity of the sound, it actually sounds better than using a guitar lead. The reciver has a cool LCD display on it that shows you which frequency you are currently using, you can also program it to show your name when the transmitter is switched, which i thought was a clever little touch. The range on this thing is pretty damn good aswell! i have had this thing about 70 metres away from my amp before any delay or distortion to the sound. The transmitter which is a small belt pack is really light as is the reciver. The unit comes with a hard plastic carry case that protects it great.

The construction quality on thi sthing is awsome, really sturdy, you can tell that its a well built piece of kit that will last a long time

This thing has surpassed my expectations. Everything about this wireless system is amazing. I suggest you consder this if you are after a reliable, value for money wireless system

Bruna rated this unit 5 on 2004-07-12.

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