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I bought it in a shop named Sports And Music Center in my city; Kathmandu ie in Nepal. I had priviously purchased a Gibson Acoustic guitar whose neck is already broken which now i have joined it with a strong glue. It is just good for practice but sounds very distasteful. So I bought the Tronad Electric Guitar which costs me 4000 Rs. ie $58 approx at that time.

Ther is not much I like about my guitar.However,I like the body structure of my guitar. It has a body style of fender strat. and keys holder like of that of ibanez guitar. It sounds good in relative to my acoustic guitar. The tones are good. The higher notes does not chock. The Pickup arrangenments; its like that of fender strat too which is three picups, one near the neck, one in the middle and the other near the bridge. Its color ie black.

Well like most of the Indian guitars found hear, it does not have a tremlo bar, which i think is very much manditory for an electric guitar. Also, the artificial harmonics i try to get while playing satches song, does not sound loud and most of the places does not give the harmonics. The sound of the chord is not expressive enough ie it does not give the full effect of the chord. It has a volume control which is not so in control of the volume; the volume increases dramatically at about 6 above and below that is very small. The frets are very low risen thus usually does not come in contact with the string while playing open strings. The sound of the lower strings ie. E A D, is dull. The strings are tight so i cannot bend it higher than 1 and a half tone. I tried couple of time but the strings broke. Also while tapping, strings being tight, the sound is very small. And the guitar is very heavy, more than 7kgs!!. Its very tiring to carry for an hour or so.

Well, there is not much there to say about its construction and quality. It has a bridge fixed to the body which is made of stainless steel. The three pickups are arranged in the way like that of fender strat; one near the neck, one near the bridge and the other in the middle. However it does not sound bit like it. The pickups are made up of plastics with six screws in each pickups. It has its neck screwed to the body like most of the electric guitars and has 22 frets. Most of the frets have already been worn out. It is made of brass. The wood of the body is very heavy. And also the wood is of very bad quality.

Well, the bottom line is that my electric guitar is good for the biginers to practice but is worthless for those who can play more than average. Most of the Indian guitars found here are of similar qualities and economically poor countries like mine cannot afford foreign guitars which is required to most of the good players of my country. To buy a forign guitar costs us a fortune.

Samir Malla rated this unit 2 on 2001-06-27.

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