VHT 50 CL Head Reviews 5

it has two channels. one boogie one marshall( voicings)both go from just breaking up to mega gain.( thers no dead clean sound) use your vol control) you can switch between marshall style and boogie style on a footswitch plus you have footswitchable boost and eq( i use this for solo boost. also on the footswitch is fx, so you can switch in/out your fx, set the level (parallel mode) and you can have a dry/ cut/boost level . the fx loop is series/parallel its dead quiet( unlike some other top end amps) the tubes can be switched between 6l6 and el34.try it for yourself.

nothing. seroiusly try it !!!!

superb build quality. i havent seen better

ive had mine for 4 years, done 390 gigs with it. its never gone wrong.i still try all the new stuff as it comes out. but stil nothing to compare. except maybe its 3 channel big brother the ultra head.

peter breame rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-19.

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