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I purchased this guitar from a former friend. He's not my friend anymore,but its not because of the guitar! Its because he's a lazy, lying scumbag! I purchased it in Columbus,Ohio about twenty years ago for around $200. I was looking for a semi-hollow body 335 style and was surprized to find a VOX that was for sale and thats all the money I had at the time for a guitar.

As far as looks, I like the binding inside the F- HOLES, and the block inlays in the neck. The Vox Headstock looks almost exactly like a Gibson,if not exactly.The big Vox inlayed logo is killer. Its old style Sunburst finish{BLACK,RED,YELLOWISH}and the back of the neck is cherry stain similar to SG but lighter. Its Slightly thinner than a 335,and has a tailpiece. With the right amp this sounds killer,espically w/o effects. I played it thru an old Sunn Solid state Concert Lead Top. It gave a good sound for Early Beatles stuff,even without being a tube amp, or Vox for that matter! It still had the original stock single coil pick-ups. Its lighter weight than most guitars this style. It gives a good clear sound ,and can sound like Chuck Berry as well.

The downside was staying in tune,the tuners had been replaced with Grovers. I use very light guage strings, so this didnt help. Some days seem worse than others, maybe its poor restringing, or temperature changes,or needs new tuners.

The construction didnt seem too bad. I really like the jack cord location on the "side bottom", under the volume knobs. I think this is much better than on the top front of the guitar! This particular guitar was made in Italy, and I think its a 1967, maybe earlier.

Vox guitars where pretty much entry level type guitars. Made for use by kids playing in garage bands, not really designed for pro use,at least by todays standards. The collectable value is not much in dollars, but the scarce avalibility of old Vox guitars being such makes it nice to have one. At any rate,it looks great in the stand,and no collection should be without a Vox Guitar of some type. The Vox Story is always interesting talk when friends see the Vox just sitting there,and some one is always bound to say...OOHHHH,CHECK OUT THE VOX!!!

EDDY JAMES rated this unit 3 on 2003-02-06.

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