Vater David Silveria's DSK Reviews 5

David Silveria, the drummer for Korn, is my all-time favorite drummer. Once I found out he had a signature stick, I immediately wanted to buy a pair. I ordered these out of Musician's Friend for $14 which included the S&H.

These sticks are the fucking shiz niz man!! They have an awsome weight and are very very very very very very strong. They have a large barrel tip which has great great cymbal sounds and are great for aggresive drummers. Fyck man, I loved these sticks like my set.

Fuck this section. I loved these sticks!!!!

Very very very strong. Lightweight. Length - 17" Diameter - .590" Great for heavy metal drumming and aggresiveness. These are the shiz niz of sticks. Vater stick are the best sticks around!!

Awsome awsome awsome sticks! Love them love them love them!! Get these sticiks! THey fucking rock!!!

Joe rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-16.

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