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MSRP: $450.00, got mine for $100.00 new at an online sale at Pro Sound & Stage Lighting ( I bought it as a backup DJ mixer that could handle 3 turntables at one time. I always wanted a Vestax and finally found one at a price I couldn't refuse.

The PCV-175a is Vestax's mid-level techno DJ mixer, with room for 3 turntables, 4 line level inputs, and 4 mic inputs. It has a 3 band eq on every channel with gain and panning knobs as well. Each eq band also has a "kill" switches that can automatically cut the band by -24db. Usually I hate gimmicks like kill switches, but on the Vestax they are tiny metal toggles which are very easy to use, and can be flicked on and off quickly to great effect. The PCV-175 uses Vestax's new PCV fader technology, which gives it the best feeling crossfader I've ever touched! No wonder Vestax is the number one choice of hiphop DJ's. The fader feels much heavier than other mixers, yet glides so smoothly you can blow it from side to side! Overall, the unit is built like a tank and has a loud, punchy output. It is loaded with features that have been designed so intuitively I actually use most of them. I now prefer this mixer over my $1000 Roland! Excellent mid level piece of DJ gear, I would recommend it to techno, house, breaks, and drum n' bass DJ's with no hesitation.

My only complaint is that I wish the curve had an adjusting knob - it is a very long, soft curve for mixing beats and not scratching. Even so, I can still scratch better on this mixer than any other brand I've tried so far. Also, the 175a comes with a gorgeous mirror-blue finished faceplate that is really impressive when it's new. Unfortunately, I've only had this mixer for 6 months and already the blue finish is scraping off around high-use areas like the xfader and eq pots. I've seen older, more heavily used Vestax mixers with the mirror blue face, and they are missing ALOT of their original finish. I wish Vestax would have chosen a more rugged paint job.

Other than the paint job, the 175a is made of heavy steel and chrome knobs. There is nothing cheap-feeling about it, and it has handled my abuse well so far. It uses 1/4" inputs for the mics instead of XLR, and its outputs are RCA... not a top of the line answer, but it makes sense for the market and price point this mixer is aimed at.

Great piece of DJ gear that cuts a few corners to be price competitive with other $200-400 mixers, but is still well made and jam packed with useful features without being crowded or gimmicky. It's way better than mixers of the same price by Numark, Stanton, Gemini, or American DJ. A similar Rane or Pioneer mixer would be better, but would also cost at least $300 more. Vestax's many years of experience really make this mixer a best-buy.

DJ Catnap, Mecha Studios, Columbus OH, USA rated this unit 4 on 2002-09-17.

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