Vester Charm Standard Reviews 4

I purchased this guitar from a music shop in Merrylands Sydney Australia. I went to try a Peavey Classic 30 all valve combo amp and this guitar was hanging on the wall, so I plugged it in and wow! I bought the amp and two weeks later the guitar to go with it.....I think it was a steal at A$428

The guitar is a Paul Reed Smith double cutaway very similar to the Santana guitar. It has abalone dove position markers and gold plated hardware with a flame maple cap over a two piece mahogany body. Twin humbucking pickups and coil tapping to give strat and gibson like tones. Everything about this guitar spells class....with the only exception being the nutwhich is just a fraction narrower than the fretboard. It sounds awesome plugged in or just acoustically.

As I mentioned the nut is the only dodgy thing about the guitar but a good guitar repairer or luthier could fix this in no time.

Like the later Paul Reed Smiths this has a bolt on neck but it is so rigid. Gotoh machine heads and hardware, all gold plated, and a classic single reddish violin sunburst finish goes to make it a treat for the eyes. If I could find an other one I would buy it tomorrow, just quality all the way...the look, the feel and the sound.....

How did the company go out of business with products this good?

paul griffith rated this unit 4 on 2004-05-16.

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