Vester Concert Series 2 Reviews 5

i bought this guitar at a local pond shop here in the hills of eastern kentucky. i have not been able to find out anything about this guitar or its origan. i played this guitar and fell in love, i paid $350 american dollars for this instrament.

i like this unit becouse it has a very unique sound, double lock downs, wamy bar, and chords better than my strats, sounds better than my 83 limited edition 12 peice martin electric. i have yet to find anyone who can tell me anything about this guitar, {vester concert series 2 electric guitar} it is awsome.......

the only thing i dont like about this unit is that i cant find anything about it.......

it is very heavy, solid body, dont know how to explain it but it got a lot of stufff and screws on the bridge.. four pickups{two single one double pickup} and lock down on the neck.

i love this product.. just cant find any info about it.......if you know anything about a vester concert series 2 email me at thanks

an elagant VESTER rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-10.

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