Vester Les Paul "Vintage" Reviews 5

In my opinion these guitars are as good or even better than mos Gibson Les Pauls. They sound awesome! And they are awesome to play. I heard that Gibson went to court and stopped the Vester production for these guitars....and I can understand why!! :)) As I bought the first one from a guitar-shop I tried a lot of Les Pauls and I found out that the Epiphones are shit!! I also tried original Gibson Les Pauls...but the Vester was as good or better...and CHEAPER!

Solid construction like an original Gibson. The quality is good.

As I mentioned I own three of them now...and all three are different in sound and feeling...but all are great! ...I would buy another one...but they are hard...very hard to find!!!

Chris rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-28.

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