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I purchsed this bad boy at a Pawn shop while buying my pistol. It was hanging up behind the counter, and I was just impressed by the looks of it (it is a Transparent Purple, but you can see the wood grain through the color. I have never seen any guitar that looked like this. I played it for a few minutes and loved the neck action, and the Locking Floyd Rose Tremolo. I managed to steal this baby for $200.00. He was asking $300 for it, but since I was buying a $500 pistol he was willing to let me have it for what he gave for it. I asked my local Guitar Dealer what this model may have sold for new, and he told me he used to sell Vester's when they were still in business and mine listed for about $1000

I love the Unique looks it has. I love the Locking Nut and Floyd Rose Tremolo system. It is by far the best tremolo I have seen yet from Floyd Rose. It has a Strat Syle Body, but is much more versatile than my Strat. It combines a High End Humbucker at the Bridge along with a Single Coil in the Middle and Neck postion. I also love the extended Finger board (24 Frets) The neck is ultra fast with a Ebony Fingerboard. For my taste I get the best sound out of it when using the Humbucker and Middle Single Coil together. Once you get the strings stretched this baby stays in tune no problem. The Gotoh Machines on the Headstock are stiff but smooth, and never loose their tuning. It also has a allen wrench holder under the tuners on the back side which is very handy for tightening down the nut and changing strings.

The only dislike about the Guitar is the Manufacturer VESTER is no longer in Business and you cant get any info on it.

Constructon is suberb, built just as good as my USA made Strat. This Guitar looks more like a Jackson/Charvel style Strat Copy then an original Strat Copy. This unit has quality written all over it, with its high end GOTOH machines and High end Tremolo, and Pickups. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

Bottom line is if you can find any Vester Guitars buy them, and hold on to them. You will love the durability and Reliability of their guitars. Its to bad they went out of business. The maniac series looks like it was built for the Shredder!! Straight out of the 80's metal god guitar players. Ie: EDDIE Van halen/ Steve Vai Etc....

Rpaquette rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-26.

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