Vester Stage Series Strat Copy Reviews 5

I aquired this guitar in couburgh, Ontario. The price of the guitar was $700 and well worth it.

The body of the guitar is defenitly the best feature. It is super slip which makes it perfect for holding and the pure black paint job makes the body look like a million bucks.

Tuning this guitar is a pain so I would say that if there is anything that brings this guitar down it would be the bar at the top of the neck. Its not much of a problem though because you could take it off if you wanted to. Ive broken a few strings trying to tune the guitar without loosening the bar.

This guitar was defenitly not put together in one night. There is alot of quality construction put into this guitar. This vester was fit together with a floy rose bridge humbucker and quality machine heads.

This guitar is definitly more then just entry level. I could defenitly see an indy band using this guitar or even a pro. The pickups are at a profesional level so I dont think they will ever blow on me but ive never actually ever tried my guitar on any amp over 100 wats. This is defenitly a guitar that i would recomend to anyone whose been playing for more then a year or two and decides to get a new guitar. Another thing which is good for someone whos just learning is that the input is on the side of the guitar so its never in your way. The bottom line is buy this guitar.

poliwag the guitar master rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-03.

first electric guitar I ever got. My parents bought it for my birthday.

I've scallopped the neck on it, put in a seymour duncan JB sh4. I've had it for 16 years now and it's always worked for me, it's a simple guitar and built pretty tough, and sounds just as good as other strats.

can't find anymore info on Vester (out of business)

basic, same as a strat, thick heavy body and deep tone

good guitar, will last until the frets wear down.

Sleeves rated this unit 5 on 2002-05-11.

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