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Natural finish colour. New to guitar playing but played bass for a coupls of years, i normally play electric but got this for those dylan moments

I Aquired this guitar by swapping it for an Ashton acoustic bass i had which i didn"t particularly like coz the body was huge

I like everything about this unit, german spruce top, mohagany laminate back and sides, superb colour combination and to top it all off, a decent set of grover 102c tuners that came as standard on the guitar ( nice touch vintage ). Also the guy who i got it off had an Artec pickup professionally installed so the bottom strap peg is actually the input jack. Soundwise, to my ears it sounds the business and i now have the option to plug it into my amp as well (best of both worlds)

There is nothing at all wrong with this unit

I"ve given it a 4 because of the tiny flaws in the spruce top, chances are other guitars from the same batch are fine so its no big deal really. If your a beginner to the world of acoustic guitars then you cant go wrong with this, vintage have made a name for themselves for producing fine quality instruments at great prices, this is no martin or taylor but to be honest why waste the money when you can have one of these for a fraction of the price. I was so impressed by the quality that i"m going out to get one of their sg electrics. All in all a superb guitar and the grover tuners were the icing on the cake SUPERB, BUY ONE YOU WONT REGRET IT.

ASH rated this unit 3 on 2009-05-13.

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