Vintage John Hornby Skewes VRS110TBK Reviews 4

I acuired this unit from a small dealer in Plymouth and paid only 190 pound for it (i was happy with this as id seen it for 250!.)

For the price i thought that this guitar was amazing quality-flame maple top,coil tab,smooth rosewood neck with abalone inlays and reasonable pickups.The guitar is very easy to play standing or sitting and is very versatile due to the coil tap feature.I have been playing for 3 years now and have owned some 10 guitars and id say this has to be one of my favorites.I play alot of heavy rock and metal and so found the pickups too weak for my need so i replaced them with a set of zakk wylde active pickups!They scream!The guitar now sounds like a dream and id recommend you change the pickups as the original ones are abit on the weak side.

The only thing i dont really like about this guitar is the frets-They could be a bit wider and lower.Also the strap buttons could use replacing with some locking buttons ;)

The quality of this instrument is pretty good considering the price.The only real faults i found was a small finish imperfection on the bottom of the guitar (not noticable) and some small dots of excess laquer on the fretboard-i filed these off with a very fine file.

Id say this is a very worthwhile guitar to have.The playablity,looks and sound well surpass the price and for the sake of a few minor finish niggles i wouldnt say at this price its a problem (especially when i saved myself 60 quid :D )This guitar is ideal for begginers or experienced players alike who want a good looking and sounding guitar thats easy on the wallet.

rated this unit 4 on 2004-09-29.

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