Vintage Les Paul Copy-Gold Plated Parts Reviews 4

I got ti sbaught for me a couple of christmases ago as my first real guitar. I wanted an epiphone but the man at the shop told me this was better. I believe it cost around 220 english pounds

Basiclly mine looks really really good. Its obviously a classic shape, but the sunburst finish and gold hardware are really cool. It sounds quite good, at least it compares with a friends jackson which i gather is quite good.

Well i keep thinking that because it was cheap it cant sound good. But thats probably my amp just being rubbish. Im also not keen on the neck, thats a little chunky but not chunckier than other les pauls. its jsut i prefer a slimmer strat type neck.

Its built like a brick sh*t house!!!(thats good by the way) Very sturdy. The inlays in the fret board and that great but im not complaining. Every thing here is A ok

Not bad really, im sure u could do alot worse fro the money. PLus it just looks the buisiness which is very important to me. Definatly consider it as a first guitar or something to spank aroundwith

Dr.Beagle rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-13.

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