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I love the great stylish curves, with aggressive points, and shiny black finish. Really looks the part for playing in a heavy metal or hard rock band. In addition to its great looks, the Wraith has an amazing sound; great tones, sinple controls, and superb sustain. Basically, it looks and sounds the part for this style of music! Is amazing both clean and distorted. Locking nuts are useful to prevent untuning during transportation.

The licenced Floyd Rose tremulo system is a good piece of equipment once you have it successfully set up. However, this can be fiddly, especially for the inexperienced user. Tuning is very unstable, due to a floating bridge, and is very time consuming. Aside from this, I have no problems with the equipment.

The construction of this unit is very sturdy; during transportation I have repeatedly dropped the Wraith, and all I have to show for it is a small dent in the headstock, which is near invisible! Almost indestructable. The paint finish is great, smooth and shiny, and the shape of the body is great to play, while still looking dangerous. Electrics all appear to be fine; I have owned this guitar for many months, and as stated above, have given it quite a battering, and everything still sounds and works as good as ever.

I love this guitar! It is exactly what I was after, and its unbelievable to get it for such a low price. A quality, value piece of equipment. I highly reccomend it to anyone wanting an aggressive guitar that sounds as good as it looks; beginners beware of the Floyd Rose tremulo system, but don't let it discourage you. Once properly set up, it will be the best value guitar you have ever played!

David Carroll rated this unit 5 on 2005-02-23.

I love the red finish I got with this, and I think that the black with silver hardware looks too cheep. I also like the shape, I usually don't like the spikey guitars (like warlocks etc.) but this one is rounder and so less ugly.

The bridge is a Floyd Rose licenced bridge wich is the main let down of this guitar. The action of these bridges goes completely haywire if you use any strings above gave nine (and the action can still be sketchy if you use nines!!!) I have added a spring and increased the tension on the bridge, but that doesnt work for long.

The guitar is pretty well buil. The wood is good quality and so is the hardware (apart from the pickup switch wich can tend to come loose at the top). I've had the guitar a year now and the only problems are that and some scrathes.

I wouldn't recomend this guitar, mainly because of the bridge and locks on the headstock. The playability and build quality are good for the price and the guitar would be great for a beginner/ intermediate guitarist if it was a fixed bridge guitar! FLOYD ROSE BRIDGED GUITARS ARE HELL!!! IF YOU WANT A GOOD TREM SYSTEM, STAY AWAY FROM THESE!!!

Blimpy John rated this unit 3 on 2004-07-10.

I just love it it has two humbucker pickups and one single coil it has 24 frets. It has a horn type of headstock that looks really cool.

i don't like the weight at all. it uncomfortable to play sitting down because of the spikes on it. It also uncomfortable to play standing up, because of the weight it makes you thing it gonna fall off so i gonna buy some strap locks. Also the locks to keep it in tune are a pain you have to unlock it i was expecting that but it usually goes out of tune when i lock it back up and then you have to fine tune it at the bottom.

Guality is fab construction is fab

Well all in all this guitar is brill it produces great sounds. It is a rock guitar and i love it you'll have to check out a picture from somewhere to see for yourselves if you go to and search for it under vintage then metal axxe there is a pic of it.

Stev-o rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-26.

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