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Not much for the price. However in my band for a few songs i switch from the bassist to lead so i use my Vintage SG. One of the songs has overdrive in it and when we play it with big amps it gives LOADS of nasty feedback so I have to borrow my mates original Gibson for on stage. Also this guitar isnt easy to play for long periods of time while standing up as the strap "things" (cant remeber what theyre called) seem to give the guitar a "top-Heavy" affect when used with a strap. Apart from those little things this a class guitar for the price.

Very good quality. One minor scratch above the strings but its pretty small and hardly noticeable and i guess that scratch was from transit anyway. Electrics inside are OK also!

Very good for a first guitar or maybe even for an intermediate player on a tight budget. Looks very good too.

Remaining Anonymous rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-24.

i like the tones you can get from this guitar,and the double cutaway makes it so easy to play.

the pickups cannot handle high output. if you went to a gig with this and were using high distortion and volume you'd get major feedback.i played a gig thru a pa with it and it was fine.i dont like the overall make.i took out the pickups and the work was shoddy,soldering looked lazy and wood was carved roughly without much concern for quality.

poor construction, the guitar is poorly made but for a first guitar is surprisingly good.this is easily the best sg copy i have ever seen and in my opinion looks a bit better.

this guitar lacks lasting power,only really suitable as a starter or mybe a 2nd or 3rd guitar in case of an emergency.looks the business so i imagine it'd be easy to sell but i reckon ill keep it just for practice, sounds nice at low volumes.

Nick rated this unit 3 on 2003-09-26.

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