Vintage SG VS06 Reviews 5

I work in a guitar shop and ordered it through there at the normal price of 219

beutifull wine red trans finish, very samll scratch plate, looks cool.

took a short time to get used to the top heavyness of the sg like other guitars with the strap pin on the back of the guitar

Brilliantly built for a 219 guitar, real good quility, the neck has less girth than the epiphone model crome machine heads look alot nicer than the epiphone "tulip" ones as well, also has a glued neck, which is raised slightly higher than normal along with the bridge which greatly helps when doubletime picking and because of the position of the bridge this guitar is much easier to get a great metal palm mute sound out of than any ibanez or esp i have ever played.

i soon bought a new kent armstrong humbucker of the bridge for my own preference but is not mandatory, if you want to play hardcore/metal music and doent want to jump on the bandwagon of hard to play japanese made over priced ibanez and esp guitars this guitars this is the one for you,almosty every one who has played it has said they would prefer the feel of it to their gibson/epiphone. just remeber as with all guitars get it setup in a shop when you get it.

Nick rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-28.

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