Vintage SV6 SG Copy Reviews 5

it is a copy of a gibson/epiphone SG, yet it feels and sounds nicer than the epiphone. it is easy to tune and sounds great when not turned up too loudly on the amplifier.the black finish that mine came in also looks classy, but the cheery red one also looks good.

no tremelo bar and no area for one to go(not that i can see anyway). this doesn't matter that much but i love my tremelo bars :) only other problem that i noticed was that it had a tremendous amount of feedback when the volume is turned up. you have to turn it awfully high though so its not that bad.

well built, and had plastic sheeting over all of the parts so they didnt get scratched. i didnt need to adjust anything on it as it came all perfectly tuned and with good low action.

this is a great guitar, for beginner or intermediate, it sounds good, plays well and looks smart. i would say it is better than the epiphone SG for sound,and the only problem is the lack of a tremelo bar. if you like the guitar and you have money there is no excuse not to buy one.

alx mckay rated this unit 5 on 2005-03-22.

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