Vintage VJ6GMS Reviews 4

This killer budget guitar cost &230 from one way music in wolverhampton, i needed to upgrade from my replica strat but didnt have much to spend but after playin the guitar i decided to go for it!

The finish is ok i guess, bit sloppy in places but it is a budget axe! the pickups are no doubt cheap korean but they sound huge! 'bucker in the bridge n 2 singlecoils...the licensed floyd rose is pretty sweet, needs more maintenance than an original but otherwise, im impressed. the machineheads are nice n smooth n the neck is sooooo beautiful! jus like a esp kh 2 or sumthin!! frets are extremely comfortable, its a shredders guitar! i love the sharkfin inlaysn jackson style head (its got jackson replica plastered allll over it...)

as i said, the finish kinda sux where the neck meets the body, nothin drastic, the hujmbucker kicks ass considering how cheap the guitar is but the singlecoils are definateley gonna be replaced, thay SUK!

construction - everythings fine, just the finish could be way better

i bought this guitar because of its playability not so much its sound and i also didnt have much in the bank! its a cool axe, pickups are gonna be upgraded but you cant complain cinsidering the cost! id def reccomend it to 1st or 2nd time buyers who aint gotta lot of cash to spare

Tom Smith rated this unit 4 on 2003-06-09.

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