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I got it in a second hand shop in darlington, it was brand new but shop soiled (there was this glue stuff on the pickups) i got it for 135quid, i wanted it because i already liked the brand (my friend has a gold top les paul with p90's its superb),i really like Sg's and being left handed it made it an even rarer find. When i got it home the glue stuff wiped off with a soft cloth and a little wd40

almost evrything, it feels brilliant to play it looks brilliant from any angle, it is a translucent cherry so you can see the grain behind it. The pick ups have loads of power. I also like the angling of the sides its really comfortable to play. Tune o matic bridges really are the best

nothing that annoys me, its neck heavy so it was weird transposing from my les paul copy to this but i kinda like it now i originally used a suede strap which worked perfectly but now i just have a nylon one. if your playing at any real volume dont have the guitars volume on full blast unless you want screaming feedback which i quite often do.

the hardware is really good, on right handed models you can get gold hardware for no extra cost, i hate gold hardwarew anyway and i saw a right handed version of my guitar with it and it looked pretty cheap. the paint finish is brilliant it looks great but nothing compared to the quality of my mexican telecaster. the carving isnt very good i took the back plate off the pot routing the wires were all very neat but the wood was rough.

it gets a four because im comparing it to my mexican tele if i brought price into it they would bothe get a 5. cant imagine it being a very good starter guitar. good back up guitar or main. a week ago i saw my model and the epiphone (the decent one not the cheap bolt on neck one which is still more expensive) model in a shop right next to each other, they were almost identical (size shape everything) except obviously the pickups the headstock and the jack socket was slightly (very slightly) further inwards that the epiphone, even the bridge and tail were in the same place i dont know how vintage get away with it

sonic_tooth rated this unit 4 on 2005-02-17.

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