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Play Guitar is available on by simply ordering it online and paying with your credit card. It is a guitar tutorial cd that will teach you to play guitar, and it only costs $34.50.

STRUMMING FOR DUMMIES Been struggling with "Stairway to Heaven" for months? Not sure how to finger an A? Don't even know how to tune your strings? You need Play Guitar, Virtual Music Corporation's interactive guitar tuition CD Rom. What gives this tutorial the one-up on any book is that it is audiovisual. You can actually hear how your E string should sound when in tune, or how a chord going through a chorus pedal distorts. Great for beginners, starting with how to hold your axe, but also helluva useful for advanced players, with some heavy theory and a useful 1260-strong chord dictionary. Includes scale workouts, backing tracks for practicing, picking tutorials, notes on transcribing… it's practically the Eric Clapton starter kit!

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Top 40 Magazine rated this unit 5 on 2002-09-10.

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