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It's a quality feeling guitar with a great sound. The wood is amazing, and the thru neck really lets you know it's something special. It's also really, really heavy...

The heaviness can be a bummer sometimes, but I stuck a nice leather strap on it and that took care of that. The tremelo only bends down, but this doesn't really bother me much.

Construction: fantastic. Quality: fantastic.

I paid a low price for this. I think it's worth as lot more as a player, and will never sell it.

mike d rated this unit 4 on 2002-09-29.

The build quality is superb- beautiful wood, Di-marzio pickups with coil switching, thru-neck construction and it weighs about the same as a Les Paul, but with the feel of a strat. Having re-strung it and corrected the intonation I have a dream of a guitar at a low price.

The weight means that if you hiy someone with this guitar it will leave a big dent in them and not the guitar. The bridge pickup was poorly positioned so missed the top E string, but it was simple to correct.

Superb- and I'm comparing with my US Gibson and Strats. I've been able to find out little about the history of the guitar, but they appear to have been japanese made around '84-'85. The Vox site just says that they were among the finest guitars ever to bear the Vox name.

I've long since given up any thought of chopping this up. If you see one of these come up- do yourself a favour and buy it!

Chris Driver rated this unit 4 on 2001-11-03.

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