Warmoth Sherwood Green Swamp Ash Strat Reviews 4

I bought this guitar for 450 on ebay. If one goes into a music store, Strats of similar quality will usually run you about 200 dollars more. The swamp ash body adds snap and sparkle. I enjoy it's maple neck.

That said, the contruction is good. With American Fender pickups, this is the real deal and, if I may, quite a steal!

The action is a bit too high for my taste. Othewise, there is some noticeable buzzing. Its flat radius make chording more of a challenge.

Overall, very good construction.

I would buy a Warmoth again only if I became an expert on putting together these kit guitars. Othewise, I'll get a custom shop next time! My next strat will be about 3 times the price and will have to be perfect. That day is a long way off and, for now, the Warmoth is an able substitute. Pat Keating radio.babson.edu

Pat Keating rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-16.

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