Washburn G64 Reviews 5

This strange looking bass guitar was given to me by a friend. He obviously didn't have any idea how hard these are to find. I actually had done some cleaning on an old Ibanez Roadstar that had been neglected for some time. The result was a gift of this magnificent little bass.

This bass actually resembles the old Steinberger bass of yesteryear. It is without a headstock. Has a rosewood fretboard. I'm not sure what the rectangular shaped body is made out of. It sports two humbucker pickups of unknown origin. Has, or had a white finish. It is now almost yellow. I guess you could say Yellowish/pearl. It has one tone, and two volume controls. It is strung with GHS light BASS Boomer strings. It has good action and plays very nicely. The light weight makes it comfortable as well, for those long sessions.

To date I haven't found anything about this particular bass that I don't like. As a matter of fact, I would buy another just like it if I could find one. Lots of luck.

As I have said I am not sure of the construction materials of the unit, except for the fretboard being rosewood. The quality of the unit is excellent. I contacted Washburn to find out what I could about it. They said it was produced in 1985 and that it originally sold for around $900-$1000.

If anyone out there has any more info on this particular bass, please contact me. I would like to purchase another one in the black finish if I can locate one. This bass has become my main axe, above my old Gibson Grabber and Ibanez Thunderbird.

Donnie Cripps rated this unit 5 on 2002-11-22.

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