Washburn RB Series Basses Reviews 4

I bought this unit by going to a music store near me named "Manahawkenn Music," because I was getting sick of my old guitar and a friend sujested that I buy a bass guitar...he told me about about this guitar, so i went to the music store and saw that it was used and retailing at $678.63.

Its sweet...it has a great bassy tone, 2 volume controls and 2 bass controls (thats four controls!!)And it also has the new Hammerhead Brass Tone Bloc.

It only has five strings so it is hard to do the chords that were remebered by an old guitar I use to have.

It has a nice smooth black painted coding, five strings, 2 volume and 2 bass controlls.

I love this guitar...its the best one i have and ever used(thats in the bass guitars). Its hard to do some chords like "G major" since it only has five strings...but other than that..its fine.

Markiese rated this unit 4 on 2001-09-30.

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