Washburn T24 Taurus Reviews 5

I saw this guitar on eBay from a private seller. It said it was almost brand new - never gigged with and only played 2 times. I got it for $200.00 and that included the shipping. I was looking to replace my Dean.

First, I like the neck-thru design and the sustain it gets from this design + the woods it's made of. It's actually nice looking. The neck is wide and shallow and extremely easy to play! I do not personally like active pick-ups and this has passive ABT (Advance Bass Technology) which that's all I know about that. It sounds very solid & pleasing through my Peavey Mk III Series head and an Avatar 2X12 cab. When I add the Avatar B410Pro cab this just rocks! It's also an extremely light guitar which, at 55 years old, I truly appreciate after a few long sets.

I haven't found anything to dislike yet but give me some more time.

The wood joinery is absolutely first class. Before it arrived I had already decided I didn't like the raw wood look and it would soon be gloss black like my other guitars. Not now! No fret buzz and the set-up was great right out of the freight box. I loved it the minute I put a strap on it, threw it on and started playing it.

It may not be a Metal monster but for the blues and rock I play, it is outstanding. This is especially true when the price, the weight and the workmanship are combined. I'd be happy if I had paid $400.00 for it.

Old & In The Way rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-21.

I got a T24 Taurus on Ebay for about $250. I thought it was a good value for a neck-through.

The neck-through is what first attracted me. I play jazz and I was looking for something with good sustain. The 24 frets are fun too. And it has a beautiful look to it.

My only issue is that the neck is a little too straight - lotta fret buzz. I adjusted that and now I'm completely pleased with it.

Laminated Mahogany body, neck-through, 24 frets, ABT pickups, 4-string, Grover tuners (2+2)...Very satisfied with the quality.

I think the Taurus is a great bass for Jazz and Blues. Doesn't really fit that metal look or sound. You can probably sneak by doing rock and possibly some funk on it.

Grzegorz rated this unit 4 on 2004-09-23.

I purchased this bass because my other Washburn is so well built and easy to play.

I like the sound because of it's passive electronics. There is no messing around with batteries as in an active bass. It sounds perfect for the big band and jazz music I play. This bass is a neck through laminate bass and is made from mahogany. It is beautiful and the construction is absolutlety superb. It came set from the factory. Everyone who sees this bass says it is a cool looking instrument.

Haven't found anything.

It is constructed of a five part laminated neck that runs through the whole body. It has the upper and lower parts laminated to the neck, and these parts of the bass are a deep, rich mahogany.

It has made me a better bassist and it has the feel and sound of basses costing three times as much. The owner of the store I bought it at said he'd never seen a bass like it and he is in his 60's. Everyone in the store wanted to take a look and every comment was very favorable.

Russell Sova rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-12.

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