Washburn XB 102 Reviews 4

I got mine at musicians friend for just $100 right before they discontinued it. I got becuase i wanted to start playing bass and I didnt have a lot of money.

I think the best thing about this bass is the value i has a 2 pickup p and j style design for 100 dollars. Most other basses don't get lower than about $120 and thats with a 1 pick up design. This is the only 2 pickup bass for that cheapI have ever seen (besides maybe something you pick up at walmart made out of plastic).

The only thing I dont like is the strings that it comes with i suggest replacing them with something higher quality with a punchier tone ernie ball slinkys sound great on mine

it has a bolt on neck with a rosewood fretboard. Making very ncie looking and very playable. The body is very well crafted

The Best Buy For Your Buck PERIOD.

Brent rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-29.

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