Washburn XB-200 Left Handed Reviews 2

Clearance from music 123 215.00

lightweight, price was right to invest in upgrades see below:)

well, where to begin. starting with the neck, fretwork was subpar, needs to be filed correctly to stop buzz at 17th fret,passive pups are terribly weak, change 'em quick, cannot get proper intonation on D string,(think bridge)soft hardware, screws strip easily when adjusting pups/bridge, pots go quickly, scratchy, weak, not balanced at all had to add extra strap button up on the body, finish soft.

please see above

I've had this bass for almost a year and waited so that I could give an accurate account after any honeymoon period, long story short, hit the strings, it makes sound, just don't ask it to be anything more than a cheap first move into music(probably why it's d/c'ed)

Bill Perry rated this unit 2 on 2004-02-03.

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