Washburn XB102 Reviews 4

The Bass is my first Instrument, I have been playing for about 5 months, I just recently began to play with my Church Worship Team, and I love playing.

This Guitar was purchased by the Church.

I like this Guitar it looks, cool and sounds great.

Shawn Weekly rated this unit 3 on 2005-11-22.

I got it from musciansfriend.com for 100 BUX! i saw it other place for around 300!

I love it.. it has a great design... p/j pickups are great.. i love how you can switch between them easily with the switch.. the neck is nice your hand can easily slide up and down...

there really isnt anything i dislike about it

Great quality its very nice. it has a nice glare.. for the price of 100 bux is great.. and some places it can be as much as 300- 400

Dont hesitate to buy it! id rather have this bass .. retailing at about 400 bux... over anything

nick rated this unit 5 on 2003-10-13.

I bought it at Walter's in Toronto for $300 Canadian, which was a steal since it's listed at $400 U.S.

It's got a great neck, nice and smooth. I like the P/J pickups with selector switch. The P pickup with the tone down gives a nice low rumble, while the J pickup has lots of punch.

The construction quality isn't great, but that's expected in a cheap bass. The knob on the selector switch broke soon after I got it. Another thing, the strings go out of tune really quick, especially the D.

Overall ok, some problems as mentioned in dislikes.

For a low price, this is a great, versatile bass. Through my Yorkville MX 50 it can give you anything from a nice round lows to punchy mids and highs. I use it in both rock and jazz bands and it fits perfectly.

Mr rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-03.

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