Washburn XB800 Bantam Reviews 5

I had my Ibanez Soundgear stolen and needed a bass fast for my next gig , found this one at a pawn shop sale , it needed cleaning and new strings , paid U.S $250 for it.

The 18 volt system delivers the goods of a bass twice the price , fat from the first fret to the 24th , i can [ try to ] play anything from a tear jerking Nathan East ballad to an in your face Marcus Miller slapfest without changing a thing , a nice uncramped not too wide full scale neck , gold hardware , woodgrain finish , treble/bass cut , not too heavy at the end of the gig , and THAT sound .

The neck has relief but the truss rod not is JUST on [ about 2/3 turn ] , not a lot of adjustment left , the bridge saddles an the E and A string are quite far back before the harmonics are set so they are on a bit of an angle , they could have made a quick release panel for the batteries but how often do you need to change them anyway ,also i cant find a damned review on this model anywhere , Washburn should have a backlist on their website

Rosewood fingerboard , black nut [ i hate those tacky white plastic ones ] , every screw on it is brass , including the strap buttons. Beautiful wood depth with a birds eye [ i think thats what you call it ] top .The neck joint isnt %100 , a bit of a gap on the underside but hey !

After using a sweepable parametric Ibanez for 9 years,it was nice to own a bass that gave out all of its unrestricted pickup grunt , with only treble bass cut , after all EQ is what your amp is for . This bass sounds like a million bucks !

Mac rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-19.

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